La granja¨s

La granja is a family bussines, founded in 1990 with the activity of fabricting, elaboration, transformation of c√°nicos products.
The evolution of the company during it is history, it is been always one ascendente line, they are constantly, always considering the company for elaborated products and service, especially for future proyects 
to expane nacionaly  and export through the world, all this is based on new products and innovations necesary to achieve better proceses in the production.

We are also incorporatig the ultimun technolgy in packaging, maintaning the line of cuality, handcrafts, tradition, always keeping in consideration, the needs and te requirements of our clients.

La granja¨s prestige is based on an elaborated a riguros control of fabrication on our products, on the capability of our technical personnel which are correctly formed and experienced, joinefd with it¨s choosen diversity of the products line make¨s this to be offered in the elaboration of it¨s cooked and smoked products.
This carefull process is what permits la granja¬®s products have that exquisite and unconfusionable taste and aroma.

Actually we are found in all the apartaments of (the tradicional fistribution market, the great distribution and industries and comunities), which an amplified line of products; from the pre-cooked products until it is presented to the final consumer.

The politics of the ¬®La granja¬®s¬® S.L. cuality service is one of the principal object¬īs of the company. In 1996 the company obtaned the homologation for intra-community exchanges, in the actually it is in fase of inplanting a suystem of cuality management and environment to the regulations.

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